Slide IMPROVES THE FORMATION OF YOUR TRAM THANKS TO VIRTUAL REALITY A platform where you can measure performance through reports, enter all your team members and keep track of your experiences. These are just some of the benefits you'll get with Habilis: VR-Training Platform. VR PLATFORM CREATE YOUR TRAINING

The power of Virtual Reality training in a single platform

Our Virtual Reality Training Platform Habilis: VR-Training Platfrom, is a complete solution that contains all the features needed to improve the training of your team.
Inside it you will be able to insert all the necessary Accounts divided between Supervisors, i.e. those who check the Training Session Reports, and Runners. In this way both of them will be able to autonomously access their Accounts and carry out Virtual Reality Training sessions at any time.


Everything you need to enhance the training of your team

The key points of Habilis: VR-Training Platform are four in total:
the measurement of Performance through tailored Reports that Supervisors and Trainers can view at any time, the opportunity to have data in the Cloud and in the country of preference, the ability to create with us your Virtual Reality training experiences and manage them all within the platform and finally the ability to customize every graphic aspect of the platform.

Measure Performance

Habilis allows you to view reports for each individual user depending on the training experience and measure their performance.

Cloud Data

Access your data wherever and whenever you want, thanks to the power of the Cloud.

Safe Data

Your data is safe in the place you think it should be.

Experiences Library

Create, download and update your experiences. Thanks to the possibility of the Cloud, you will receive experiences and updates without having to leave the platform.


From the colors to the logo, you can make the Habilis Training Platform faithful to your Brand.


Get the most out of Virtual Reality with the perfect Hardware

MACACO counts on a strong Partnership with HP and for this reason is able to provide all the news in the field of Virtual Reality. From the innovative Z Series PCs with the possibility to use them as backpacks to the brand new HP Reverb, the HP Hardware is comfortable, elegant and extremely performing.
In this way we can offer you a 360 degree solution for your Virtual Reality training needs.

Why invest on Virtual Reality training?

Reduce costs and travel time

Thanks to Virtual Reality training you will reduce costs, as your trainees will be able to use the platform independently and you will also reduce costs and time for travel to training locations.

Form several students at the same time

Through a special room, for example, you can allow your students to carry out training sessions whenever they want.

Improves the quality of learning

Learning by Doing allows to improve the percentage of learning, moreover, is much more appreciated by the student because it is more interactive.

Safety training

Thanks to Virtual Reality training sessions, you will be able to train inexperienced students in total safety.

Concrete data to control the trend

With Tailor-made Reports, you can monitor your students' progress and focus on their gaps.

Realistic and impressive environments

The Virtual Reality training experiences that we create for our customers are graphically true to reality with the addition of a spatial audio compartment. In this way, the trainees, for example, will really feel the pressure of an emergency situation.

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