The potential of Body Tracking on display

Body Tracking allows the user to live an experience using his own body. This feature is extremely suitable for areas such as Entertainment, as the user does not have to learn to use anything except his own body.



From Cultural to Advertising, a Software for every need

Thanks to the support of a very powerful Hardware, the experiences that can be created are innumerable.
In the Parfume Experience, in addition to interacting with flowers, the user will be able to feel the fragrance of the perfume itself. In addition to this particular feature, the person can take a picture and share it on the Social Media.


An experience to live with your body

The user always finds it very difficult to approach tools in which he must learn precise commands or use Joypads. Thanks to Body Tracking the user does not have to learn any complicated process to live his experience. That's why it is suitable for an extremely wide Target.

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