Optimize your team's performance and reduce training costs

Intel has estimated that, thanks to VR / AR Training, it would have achieved a ROI (Return of Investiment) of 300% and a 25% reduction of accidents at work. In addition to Intel, other large companies have chosen these new training methods. On the one hand for the great economic advantages, on the other for the reduction of learning times.


Emergency Training

Improve your Team's performance during Rescue and Emergency operations of any kind.
Discover the solution that best suits your needs.


Process Training

Speed up the learning of new processes and improve the performance of your team in case of technical problems.
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The benefits of innovative training


Less incidents

Intel spent more than 1 Million Dollars because of fatal accidents due to staff not remembering the right procedures. By adopting a Training in VR, they have achieved such results.


Return of Investiment

Calculated by Intel over the 5 years following training in Virtual Reality.


People who preferred VR training

``Oh ... I am dead. I will not make that mistake again`` Intel operator. Thanks to the great interactive strength of the AR / VR, the staff remembered better its mistakes and much preferred this kind of Training.

Time Saving

15 minutes of training in Virtual Reality is equivalent to 1 hour and 30 minutes of lessons. In this way you will be able to train your staff much faster and keep them as updated as possible without needing repeated lessons.

Cost Saving

With AR / VR Training there will be no need to move the Team, to recreate huge scenarios (MACACO can recreate any kind of scenario and make it as immersive and realistic as possible.) and endanger people by training them on dangerous machinery. Moreover, thanks to a self-managed system, there is no need for any employee to manage Training sessions.

Better Learning

Learning by Doing allows us to remember 90% of what we had to learn, because by doing a certain action, we become aware of the consequences. It is no coincidence that the Training in AR / VR is much more appreciated by the staff (About 94% of Intel and DHL personnel preferred this kind of training) and, in the case of Intel, they increased the percentage of promoted with full marks of the 15%.


The power of Virtual Reality training in a single platform

Our Virtual Reality Training Platform Habilis: VR-Training Platfrom, is a complete solution that contains all the features needed to improve the training of your team.
Inside it you will be able to insert all the necessary Accounts divided between Supervisors, i.e. those who check the Training Session Reports, and Trainees. In this way both of them will be able to autonomously access their Accounts and carry out Virtual Reality Training sessions at any time.

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