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A new way of conceiving work

Thanks to the new digital technologies it is possible to increase the speed and quality of the work process. To make this happen, we need to move on to the next stage, that is to become an Industry 4.0. This step is only possible by adopting certain types of services for your company.

AR Solutions

Packages and solutions in Augmented Reality

Cloud & Analytics

Solutions for Cloud Computing & Analytics

VR Solutions

Packages and solutions in Virtual Reality


AR Soultions

Comfort and efficiency

The advantage of having your hands free

Thanks to the use of Augmented Reality, an enabling technology for industry 4.0, it is possible to improve the quality and performance of the Operator. This technology, which can be used both with tablets and with Augmented Reality Glasses, eliminates the problem of paper and adds the possibility of remote assistance.
MACACO allows you to create software for multiple needs, such as: warehouse management, AR assistance, prototyping and much more.

Safety First

Comfortable and safe Augmented Reality for the operator

Glass Up are AR glasses created specifically for the industry.
They are extremely durable and very comfortable for the operator. MACACO is an official partner and retailer of this technology for the Swiss market, as well as offering the Software together with the Hardware.

Remote Control


Glass Up glasses has the great possibility of having a dashboard on which you can perform remote assistance or monitoring multiple parameters.


Cloud & Analytics

The importance of data

A single system for controlling each device

MACACO in addition to Augmented Reality Software, provides a series of Analytics based on the client's needs and requests. Thanks to the data collected, the production department can be improved even more.
Thanks to its Strategic Partners, MACACO provides the possibility of combining its software with excellent Cloud systems to control and receive data from any machine.


VR Solutions

Safe Training

Virtual Reality for industry

Virtual Reality offers multiple possibilities in the industrial field. The training software created with this technology, in fact, is excellent for keeping operators updated and making learning much easier and more effective.
Thanks to its power, moreover, it is possible to generate software for prototyping or simple visualization.

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Go to the next level, with us

Contact us and request information on the packages or tell us your ideas, together we will begin a journey, accompanying you from beginning to end.