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Benefits for your business and a unique experience for your customers

Thanks to the new digital technologies it is possible to make the customer protagonist of the sales process. Through Real Time Rendering and Augmented Reality, the user can view the home of his dreams in advance and already feel the owner.


Augmented Reality with just a click

Thanks to the current compatibility of Augmented Reality with major mobile browsers, you can show your products quickly and easily.
In this way the user doesn't have to download any application and can enjoy a great Augmented Reality experience based on your products.
In addition, you can integrate this technology into existing native Apps.


Augmented Reality Product Configurator

An augmented reality application that allows you to add your products to the catalog and customize the finishes of your properties.
Take advantage of the potential of augmented reality to show your end customers the products you are proposing, without necessarily having in store all the products you can offer.
Try the application we created for ``Plinio il Giovane`` by downloading it from the respective stores:


The power of Hololens 2 for design

From concept to data integration, we allow architects and engineers to visualize their projects through the Microsoft hardware: Hololens 2. Thanks to the compatibility of current software you can import your own BIM, Sketchup or Rhino files.

Excites and improves sales

Convey the customer's choice

Thanks to the possibility of modifying the Mood and leaving the customer the freedom to choose what is right for him, the sale is speeded up and simplified. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have two characteristics: the first is to put the user in a state of Privacy, in which he will buy much more easily (Hong & Chang, 2015), the second is to deceive the people of already be the owner of the property or object and, in doing so, make them much more inclined to purchase.


Purchase percentage

The houses and products that are shown to the user through a particular experience, get 87% more purchases.

Time Saving

Thanks to the possibility of leaving the customer the power to change at will, he will ask for less changes and therefore less changes to the projects. This will significantly reduce sales times.

Cost Saving

Avoiding the trip to show the property to the buyer, reducing the change requests and conveying the customer's choice on the object that you want to sell more, the costs are lowered and the earnings increase on the leading product.

More than a simple purchase

By giving the customer a unique experience, he will experience the purchase in a completely different way, leading him to have an excellent memory of the whole process.


Virtual Reality to enhance sales or design phases

Immerse your customer in the home of his dreams by showing him your upholstery or products inside, this way you will get the most out of a sales session.
Moreover, thanks to Virtual Reality, you can design through your BIM, SketchUp or Rhino files and look at them from a completely new point of view.

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