Virtual Reality

A little about Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is one of the most interesting technologies on the market, as it not only allows you to simulate reality, but to create any type of setting or situation and make it completely real to the user's eyes.
Thanks to the ever increasing comfort of the headsets, Macaco uses this technology to offer each type of sector unique and personalized experiences.

Oculus Quest

Standalone Headset

Standalone Headsets, such as Oculus Quest and Vive Focus, allow you to use Virtual Reality in comfort, without having to connect any type of PC.

HP Reverb

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, like the HP Reverb, are cable viewers that don't need external tracking tools.


Base Station Headsets

Viewers with Base Stations, like the HTC Vive, trace the user's movements through a Base Station system.