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Body Tracking

A little about Body Tracking

Through the Body Tracking tools, the user is completely master of the experience through his body, his face or his hands. For this reason, Body Tracking is a technology that has a strong impact on people, in particular in fair areas, purely commercial places and for sports activities.

Kinect V2

Kinect V2

The Kinect V2 is a Body Tracking tool that tracks movements and therefore allows the user to use his body to interact with experiences.

Azure Kinect

Azure Kinect DK

The Azure Kinect DK allows the use of artificial intelligence in combination with depth sensors and Speech Recognition.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion, through special video cameras, is able to trace the movements of the hands, allowing the user to use them to interact.

Our Products

Body Tracking Solution development

Our Products

Interactive Experiences

During an event or fair, it is important to entertain your audience in the best possible way. Thanks to Body Tracking, people don't have to wear or use anything except their bodies.

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