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Augmented Reality at Made in Italy service

Realia is an application for Android and iOS smartphones, designed to enhance the made in Italy. The main purpose is to detect whether a product exhibited in a supermarket or in any store is actually produced in Italy. The article, framed by the camera of your device, if present in the Realia databases, will return a detailed technical sheet with all the production and distribution information.

Why use Augmented Reality?

Find out the advantages Realia has had with AR

Download the analysis of Realia, inside you will discover all the advantages that the application has achieved, in terms of usability, effectiveness, innovation and in particular Download, thanks to Augmented Reality.

Template AR to check product origin and gain info on them. AR QR/BAR Code Scan to check product origin. QR/BAR Code Scan Detailed info on Made in Italy products. Product Info Loyalty program for users in order to make the application more interactive. Loyalty Realia - Made in Italy Experience Realia - Made in Italy Experience Realia - Made in Italy Experience Realia - Made in Italy Experience Realia - Made in Italy Experience Tap on the Strengths to watch them in the phone strengths
Loyalty System

To entice the user to use the APP daily, through a Loyalty system

In addition to the innovative Augmented Reality Feature, to make the application even more attractive a Loyalty system has been included. This system encourages the user to use the application on a daily basis, in order to earn points and obtain coupons for spending. In this way Realia can obtain more information and data regarding the use of the application by users.


Realia Backend

Realia - Made in Italy Experience

Realia Backend: Manage augmented reality without updating the APP

Realia Backend is a PC software designed to manage AR video content for the Realia application. Through this software, it is possible to edit video settings, which will then be reproduced in specific formats and points of a commodity package. All these operations will result in a single JSON file, which will be uploaded to Vuforia's servers. This management will not perform updates to the application in case you want to insert a new product with an AR video.

Realia Backend
Realia Backend
How it works?

A simple and user friendly system

The Realia application receives information for its correct functioning both from the Realia proprietary Web platform and from the Vuforia servers. The generation of video content in AR occurs through the platform
Realia Backend. The Video source link is loaded and then processed on the appropriate Software, which, based on the processed data, will generate a Json file that will be uploaded to Vuforia.

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Realia - Made in Italy Experience
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