PC Experience and Interactive Panels

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A little about PC Experience

WebGL applications allow the user to interact with the product, through targeted experiences, directly on the online store. Macaco uses this technology not only for Brands or E-Commerce, but also for Showreel or interactive web experiences. Macaco also generates Backend Software based on the needs communicated by the customer, allowing him to have a useful product and graphically conform to his Brand.

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Possibility to generate software for Educational or Training

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Possibility to generate software for prototyping in any field

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Possibility of generating software to allow the user to customize the product in the way he prefers

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Interaction is the key element that conquers the user

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Thanks to an excellent study of UX, the applications are very intuitive and comfortable to use

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Group interaction

Groups of people can interact with the same experience thanks to interactive multi-touch panels

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Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality