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A company born from a concept as old as humanity

The control of fire by man represents a fundamental turning point for our evolution, Macaco is born from the same concept, software is no longer a mystery but a tool that, correctly used, becomes the fundamental turning point for companies and startups.
Through in-depth knowledge of Unity, Macaco is able to create applications in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, PC and Tracking Software.
We know very well that on the other side there is a human being, for this reason our approach is not limited to production alone but to understand the requests of the customer, facilitating his understanding of every aspect of the process of technical and creative development, advising him and be available to solve all his doubts. This is how every human begins to finally tame the software.


Our Team

Stefano Mauri


``Test to improve``

Let's turn off the computer and turn on that chameleonic sportsman who is Stefano Mauri.
I do not appreciate the sedentary and closed environments, for this reason I love to think while I'm running in the parks that surround my house. But as sporty as I am, I love gorging on food and watching the live streaming of Dark Souls, also that is a great cure-all after hours of code.
In confidence, I am also an incurable comedian, with jokes that, according to the other members of the team, are as amusing as a feature added at the last minute.
I'm obsessed with Unity, it's an Engine that I've been using since its first Release.
Unity allows the programmer to express himself in every way and in every field, because after all we are also artists in our own way

Andrea Colombo


``Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treatment.``

I'm a man with a lot of interests.
Usually, when I have a little bit of free time, I like to play Heroes & Generals, eating food. I really love Food, and trying new kind of food from the places i travel to.
I'm also a social creature, i like to see Football and drink beer with friends. I also play football, I've played it for 13 years now.
Being a programmer, it's never stop improving, so I love to get to know new frameworks, programming languages and workflows.

Lucia Gambardella


``There's no flavour in the sky, if you don't eat sand from the bottom before``

I never stop drawing, but I have always the other hand free for the food or to pet my dog. I don't know if I love more the food or my dog...
If I'm not drawing, you can find me while I'm sculpting, failing in bricolage, playing videogames, maltreat programmers or while I'm dying on the sofa.
I have like 15 Alarms that you can disable only after resolving math operation, but in the end the gravitational force of my bed is always too strong.
Why I define myself an artist? Because my mind is always searching for reality to manipulate at its pleasure and then relesaing them with the right instrument.
I think there's something beautiful in the world, hidden also in its most obscure details, that only the artists can see and can trasmit to whom hasn't the same gift.

Stefano Doninelli


``Today companies have realized that while digitization is an evolution that affects everyone, it is no longer the time to hesitate.``

Stefano does not set himself objectives, he does not seek success, he does not believe that activities should be driven by the achievement of an end in itself. His goals are linked to important values, aimed at people's needs.
His commitment to numerous non-professional activities, particularly in the Swiss Alpine Rescue, shows how his thoughts are always directed towards innovation, especially projects that can concretely lead to cutting-edge solutions.

A bigger forest

MACACO in the DOS Group Family

MACACO Sagl is part of an even larger forest, that of DOS Group.
DOS Group SA, founded in 2001, is a large Ticinese IT company that boasts over 2,500 customers, Partners such as HP, Microsoft, Apple and Swisscom and services ranging from hardware sales to software development.
Thanks to the union with DOS Group, therefore, MACACO can offer an excellent software development service combined with Hardware sales and assistance.

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