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A company born from a concept as old as humanity

The control of fire by man represents a fundamental turning point for our evolution, Macaco is born from the same concept, software is no longer a mystery but a tool that, correctly used, becomes the fundamental turning point for companies and startups.
Through in-depth knowledge of Unity, Macaco is able to create applications in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, PC and Tracking Software.
We know very well that on the other side there is a human being, for this reason our approach is not limited to production alone but to understand the requests of the customer, facilitating his understanding of every aspect of the process of technical and creative development, advising him and be available to solve all his doubts. This is how every human begins to finally tame the software.



The first step is also the most important one. Togheter are defined needs and desires, in order to guarantee that the finished product is exactly what you wanted.


In this phase a document is generated. This document is necessary to make everyone aware of the design steps and the contents of the product.


After the creation phase, a prototype is generated. The prototype is shown and in the meantime we collect the Feedback needed for the final Polishing.


The product is delivered to be finally used.

Engine and Technology

Unity 3D is one of the most famous Engine on the market, able to guarantee efficiency both in the B2B and Gaming fields. Macaco uses, in conjunction also with external services (for example, Management Software), Unity 3D for the production of all its Software.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality eliminates the barriers that divide the digital world from the real one, making them both blend together to create a unique experience. It is no coincidence that the AR technology offers multiple types, such as: plane tracking, tracking with marker or with object, facial and so on, in order to make it declinable for any need.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality offers a complete immersion in any digital world, fictitious or not. Thanks to its power and to the increasing efficiency at the level of Design and Comfort of the current headset, it finds application on a great variety of products.


Tracking allows the user to enter a world and take control of it, only through his own body. This makes it suitable for a trade fair or city environment, where the user can immediately interact, without having to wear or download anything external.

PC and WebGL

Macaco realizes, thanks to WebGL technology, also tools for the management of its products from backend (For example for the management in autonomous of the markers for the augmented reality), and also interactive content.

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Stefano Mauri

Founder / Developer

Davide Calcina

Founder / Marketing

Andrea Colombo

Founder / Developer

Lucia Gambardella

2D/3D Artist

Mauro Rigamonti


Federico Boccardo

Designer / Developer
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