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New digital technologies offer companies new opportunities to increase their business.
Thanks to applications in Augmented Reality, Virtual, Tracking and PC, it is possible to create a different interaction between experience and user, in order to increase the performance of Advertising, Training or prototyping contents.
In fact, people tend to remember this type of experience much more clearly, as they have the opportunity to actively interact with it. Macaco offers complete packages for every type of technology and for every type of company.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows the user to overlap any type of content on reality, through markers or flat and three-dimensional surfaces.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most interesting technologies on the market, since it allows you to create any type of setting or situation and make it completely real to the user's eyes.

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Through Tracking tools, the user is completely master of the experience through his body, his face or his hands, for this reason the Tracking is a highly impactful technology.

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PC Experience

PC and interactive panel applications allow you to interact with the experience both in On-Line (E-Commerce) and Off-Line environments (Exhibitions, fairs ...).

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